The tiles here are not only usefull, they are objects of decoration, a product of exeption available to all.

Terracotta Salernes

"Terracotta Salernes" is one of the most traditional manufactures in Salernes. The clay extracted from the family owned pit is extremely pure. It is washed without additives, filtered several times, cut and molded.

Here everything is hand-made, following an ancestral technique that produces noble and resistent tiles using only terracotta.

A wish of the GUIOL family who, in 2001, fell under the charm of the location and took over the old factory, which they restored in its authenticity. With patience and passion, they learn, support and develop the skills of the factory workers who, from generation to generation, have passed on their experience to the factory.

This rigourous respect of traditions is by no means irrelevant to the present day. The use of proven techniques goes hand in hand with the effort to create something contemporary and innovative, especially the formats and surface finishes.