Each Malon (or mallon ...) earthenware is unique due to the manual production and cooking in wood ovens.

"Autantika" tarracotta. Classic reissues


The "Authantika" terracotta range is for all the nostalgic terracotta enthusiasts who have trouble finding old school tiles in big enough quantities.


The manufacturing stays 100% by hand, each terracotta tile is molded manually, dried manually in the open air and cooked in coal or wood ovens.

This ancestral cooking method shades the malons and this gives heat to the rooms in which they are laid. From this ancestral method come differences in the surfaces and sometimes differences in the size, but the thickness and flatness benefit from modern know-how.

The "Autantika" terracotta comes with the big advantage of often being pretreated, which means substancial time and money savings.

We offer four colors from cream to red in the usual dimensions (square 17x17 and 170mm hexagonal tomette). Other products are available, such as plinthes, full bricks, etc.

Terracotta Salernes, Tile Maker in Salerno SINCE 1910

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