Terracotta products of different shapes, dimensions, taints and finishes will be offered to you, so as to satisfy your furnishing wishes at best, and contribute to the beauty of your interiors and exteriors.

Our tile products in Salernes

All our terracottas are handmade and environmentally friendly, since they contain no additives. They are suitable for all types of housing, from renovations to more contemporary constructions, and are synonymous with acoustic comfort (footsteps don’t echo) and thermal comfort (they are ideal for underfloor heating). Some of our terracottas, having undergone a higher firing, can be used for your terraces. Their pinkish-beige hue avoids glare on sunny days and blends well with many facade colors and surrounding vegetation.

Custom terracotta products

Thanks to our hand-made technique, we can offer custom terracotta products.
We let you choose the shape, size, the color in a selection of beige to red tones, as well as a finish, from rustic to contemporary. If you are looking for a particular tile, after a study and validation of the constraints on production, we can make it for you.

Terracotta Salernes, Tile Maker in Salerno SINCE 1910

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