Straight staircase with 140mm tomettes or winding staircase with 100mm tomettes with wooden stair nosing, hallway with 140mm tomettes and living toom with 170 or 220mm tomettes with feuillets delimitations.

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Tomette of Salernes

The tomette is a hexagonal terracotta, also called "bees nest"

Tomettes de Salernes

The tomette model is a classic in Provence, and it is found in many houses from Marseille to Nice, as well as in the mediterranean basin.

The shape of the tomette is ideal for rooms in which the walls are not straight or with many nooks, but also for winding staircases.

A bigger format, a light color and smoothe finish can give it a more contemporary aspect.

The dimensions of a tomette are measured from side to side. We offer many formats going from 100mm to 220mm.